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This work is a REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT towards repairing your sense of knowing, accepting your abilities and living who you really are so you can choose, decide, and devote to your unique mission, message, vision, and purpose. Now more than ever so many are interested in being authentic and in the purpose of your souls. So many are ready to come out of the shadows and be a part of the REVOLUTION of being themselves in a passionate type of work and in life! From survival mode to authentic mode - So Exciting! But the route to getting there is often delayed due to our life purpose stressors stemming from unchecked fears. Life Purpose Coaching is here to help generate a recovery plan that optimizes your ability to handle what is in the way of you having, choosing and doing the mission you really want.


 I dare to help life purpose seekers like you get closer to who you really are by helping you stand by what speaks to you today in your work life and soul. I'm enthusiastic about our journey towards a richer and fuller life. Especially for those of us who are walking around it and missing it due to chasing after those things that keep us away from the life and mission that will show who we are and show what we believe. I personally share in all those moments of crushing anxieties that have led you off your path of soul satisfaction and work path success. I get it! - I've spent a lifetime in work & relationship stress and often toxic confusion over "What am I supposed to be doing". There's hope! Instead of trying to worry away our life fears we can stand on our strengths and lightness, develop a partnership with the Universe and honor our responsibility to care for our souls and the purposes we are destined to live by. Life Purpose Coaching can help you ahieve the courage to take the steps towards decreasing the urge to follow the same old bread crumbs that lead you off the path that will bring you into career oneness.



For me our souls are simply the life force within us that carries our pains and personalities and energetic wisdom. The soul is the spiritual guardian over our lives and if we elect not to listen to it, the soul's connection to the Universe guarantees an experience that pushes us to see what is needed. True contentment with our lives means living by our soul's gifts and missions. If you can't be your natural human self you can't be clear about what matters most to you in your life. You may have spent a lifetime running from showing up because of a deeper issue with others finding out what you truly believe or what you truly have an interest in. This can look like anxiety disorders, a panic disorder, personality disorders, mood disorder and so on. But really it is just your reaction to what scares you most and the belief that you cannot win the battle. When we are so fearful of who we really are it can become a life purpose trauma that has to be resolved if your soul is to be content and traum free and your purpose is to be authentically expressed.



 I work from a perspective that says our life and experiences are always working for us and not against us. Therefore, each experience is helping us learn and get closer to who we are. So the basis of this work is honoring all experiences and exploring what it means for your life and how it is trying to wake you up, to what wants to be let go and resolved so you can be at your highest emotional potential.



Our work should be an extension of our beliefs, interests, personalities, soul missions, gifts or personal talents. You can achieve this even if you've spent a lifetime in confusion over what is the "Right" choice to make for your work happiness or stuck in "Either/Or" thinking errors where there is no right answer because it is your minds rewind tape going haywire. You can learn to interrupt the flight or fight responses your mind has become conditioned to return to when triggered. Working together we will open up how excessive searching is a way to keep you from fully accepting who you are and accepting what you are really afraid of - Maybe this is a true life purpose trauma stemming from a past unresolved experience in your soul's history. Either way, I can help you unpack the layers of fears that make you continue to do the same things - over and over again and making you feel hopeless with getting resolution to work path uncertainties.



Many life purpose uncertainties and fears cannot be resolved without addressing love stuff. At one point or another everyone is faced with dealing with a relationship challenge. But too often our love crisis is the reason we are blind to who we really are and what we are here to do. Therefore the quality of your relationships are a huge part of finding your life's purpose and honoring your core self.


In our intimate relationships we have the opportunity to choose someone who will help us grow emotionally and become closer to who we are. Each relationship we encounter has a lesson for our lives if we are open to this benefit. Too many people mate up with others for convenience or protection from life because it's what we have been conditioned to do but now you get to make a conscious choice based upon developing a spiritual partnership about both of your ongoing growth. You no longer need to be with someone who will protect you from your vulnerabilities but rather help you move closer to your vulnerabilities. This is true love and it can be yours no matter the circumstance. It is your soul's purpose to connect with others beyond physical and survival needs and I am honored to help you achieve this as you move through whatever love crisis is upon you so you can allow your life purpose to come alive.



In our family relationships we don't get to choose who we are born to but we get to understand who we are based on our family challenges. Some are fighting to prevent separation and others are fighting to achieve separation from family. Either way the fight becomes your hidden focus and takes many off their intended path. Healing family relations by becoming your true self is a necessary task for life purpose optimization and work path decisiveness.

You can learn to let go of family traums and expectations and choose what your higher self needs you to do most in this moment. And Life Purpose Coaching can get you there.



Learn how to have the relationship you deserve with yourself by honoring your soul's purpose and opening to your sensitivities and tenderness. Liking every part of your being is a must if you are to be authentic and attract others who will love you for your true nature and allow yourself to fully express what you have come here to do.


Walking into our soul's potential can open up the deeper emotional dynamics we would prefer to keep a lid on but our natural inclination to be who we are can push us to reach beyond our insecurities and self-doubts. Dealing with the mind stuff is a huge part of connecting. Taking a Zenful approach to help our minds become at one with our sense of peace is essential to obtaining wellness and touching our highest potential in our work lives. And when you're ready you don't have to do it alone. I'm here for you to help you get into alignment with your needs and desires in your work or business.  


Whether you have a life purpose trauma, wanting to move beyond a job, unable to move to the next level in you work life, a life purpose seeker uncertain about what speaks to you, can't make a decision about what's best, an empath fearful of being harmed, wore out from too much stress or business owners feeling lost and worried about money issues - if your unhappy with the life you have chosen then life purpose coaching may help you get insight into your emotional dynamics and help you clear up old or new emotional patterns or fears in the way of your life happiness and contentment.

Life Purpose and Career Counseling
Life Purpose Counselor and Coach

Tawona Pearson,lisw, lcsw-c

Life Purpose Teacher~

Mindfulness &Metaphysical approach

Relationship Intuitive Coach ~

(I see the relationship between things and sense a lot of whats happening in the background of peoples lives)


"I help people resolve their soul & life purpose fear's by introducing them to who they really are and what they are capable of doing"


By trade I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have over 14 yrs. of experience working in a mental health capacity. But I truly treasure my holistic background in mind-body-emotion work, intuitive skills and creative writing (poetic messages) that have led to this new adventure of soul purpose and life purpose insight sessions and teaching others how to use their own genius to resolve their unhappiness. I am a Spiritual Life Purpose Teacher and Emotional/Relationship Intuitive.  


I have amassed every work and relationship fear there is to keep myself preoccuppied to distract from showing the world who I really am. This experience is something I call a life purpose trauma stemming from primitive aloneness fears. But that part of me that still believed in achieving calmness and mindful peace has allowed me to slow down and nurture my worthiness and right to be here and to have what we are all striving for - to be ourselves despite our differences. My soul happiness didn't require all of the many quick fix parlor tricks I tried- instead it is about believing in myself, gaining trust in my abilities and having faith in myself. I've learned a lot about my needs and my individual purpose through various spiritual arts, ancient wisdom from spiritual masters and for once honoring my right to do this life in the way I see fit.


I hope my life and educational experiences will serve you well and bring you closer to your own personal soul wellness as you get closer to who you are in this life.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightment

-Lao Tzu

life purpose and Mindfulness

Everything in the universe is within you- ask all from yourself - Rumi

 life purpose mindfulness

"Those who have failed to work toward the truth have misssed the purpose of living"

-- Buddha

life purpose mindfulness counseling

"If what you desire the most in your work life has a scary element to it and you are prone to running from what scares you, you won't be able to see or accept what you really want" 



life purpose mindfulness counseling

Healing is

Letting Go

life purpose mindfulness counseling

come out of a state of discontentment and allow yourself to be found


Spiritual Purposes from Life Path Review

from the works of Dan Millman and Sue Frederick


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Although the work I now do with you is not the traditional therapy of diagnosing and treating, there are those moments of going deeper to resolve the crisis that can be

reminiscent of therapy. I naturally combine the roles of spiritual teacher and guide, counselor and coach. We are partners on a mission to resolve what has you stuck.


The sessions will help you gain insight into what you need and want and how that fits who you are. We also look at the basics and we both compassionately explore what your life is asking of you and whether you feel capable of handling that. This is a non-threatening look at what scares you and what strengths you have to help yourself move beyond what scares you. Maybe there is an old pattern that wants to be let go so you can get over the hump and commit to what speaks to you most.


Living by who you are can be a tall task if showing who you are has some shame or other pain around it. This is ok and normal. Letting loose of shame is something most of us have to deal with in our lives and in our work. So there are no deadlines to working through the conditioned stuff holding you back in your life and the mission of your soul. Soul&Life purpose healing honors where you are and says wellness is about being in the present and being good enough.


This is also a mind-body-emotion perspective that includes connecting how our minds make us feel. This also includes finding a pathway back to simplicity, allowing things to flow, and slowing down to hear and see what you may have been missing.


These types of connections make us feel well and that is the inspiration I hope to offer you.


Beyond what is described here I allow what needs to happen to happen organically in the session. Although there is a natural flow most people find immediate resolution with my style of insightful engagement about your life or soul troubles.


if anything I have said speaks to you and your ready to get started or you are just curious about whether gaining insight can help you just email me with your questions.


Soul Investments:  


3 LPC sessions $330

5 LPC sessions $550

10 LPC sessions $999!



Individual Maintenance Soul Journey Sessions

AFTER doing a package

45mins $115.00

60mins $150.00


Mentoring Sessions for students, helping professionals: 45mins $75.00


Charity/limited sliding scale option:


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