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Mindful Metaphysical approach

Making work | relationships | life easier with deep awareness, compassion, intuition and authentic choices - Know your truth by building emotional skills for the uncertainties, doubts and anxieties that arise when facing your greatest soul fears 

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Tawona Pearson LISW, LCSW-C



"End the search for the perfect work since it doesn't exist"

For the last decade I have dedicated my time and energy to healing my own  emotional trauma  + work fears and preparing to help others do the same. In this process I've learned how to face my fears and dial down the traumatic anxieties and perfectionism I believed was unique to me - but in my work as a therapist I learned I was not alone in obsessing over career direction uncertainties, doubts and a sense of urgency to find that perfect path. 

I've done many traditional and unconventional methods to try and figure out what was wrong with me - but year after year I kept ending back up at square one. 

Doing the emotional intuitive work + mindful practices + spiritual fitness + getting professional 1:1 coaching from an energy healer gave me the courage to truly think and see differently - and this made all the difference. 

If you're anything like I was you probably believe that clarity and being able to choose and make  decisions is for everyone else but not you. I've learned that we all have to learn how to be in our truth, feel our feelings and actually diminish our excessive need for safety and protection. Emotional skill building is a process I teach myself and others with compassion and honor for our emotional journey's. 

Reparenting ourselves by giving ourselves the neglected emotional nurturance and protection we missed out on as kids is never easy but it has to be done if we want to become emotionally stable and make necessary authentic decisions for our greatest work life.

Eradicating our outdated trauma beliefs, faulty perceptions and safety strategies is hard stuff as well, but I know we can and must do hard things. 

I look forward to being a spiritual and emotional guide and teacher for others emotional trauma's. 


My soul + career happiness didn't require all of the many quick fix parlor tricks I tried- instead it was about believing in myself, gaining trust in my abilities and having faith in myself. I've learned a lot about my needs and my individual purpose through various spiritual arts, ancient wisdom from spiritual masters and for once honoring my right to do this life in the way I see fit.



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Everything in the Universe is within you - ask all from yourself

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Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment



"Those who have failed to work toward the truth have misssed the purpose of living"

Transformational messages to empower your ability to be in your truth...

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"I'm honestly BLOWN AWAY! I was a little skeptical when the idea of it all was introduced to me. I cannot believe how accurate the reading was, things others really couldn't have known about me. Tawona hit the nail on the head every time! I can't wait to have another reading :) 

 Christina D. 

"Tawona has helped me identify and address what had been holding me back for so long. Working with her allowed me to move into a place of emotional stability and provided me with tools for handling life's challenges. Now, I am able to celebrate the life that I've been given and find deeper fulfillment in my life's purpose. Everyone should have someone like Tawona in their life. She is insightful, gentle and an incredibly talented coach!"

 Megan K,


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"My experience with the intuitive readings and energy work allowed me to feel more spiritual balance which brought more harmony in my daily activities. I am aware that my physical, mental and spiritual bodies are working in harmony which gave me a great feeling of satisfaction. I also feel that I'm open for more opportunities for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Thank you very much my spiritual sister Tawona for all the happiness and harmony!"       

                    Doris J.                   

"All I can say is WOW!! She saw a few past lives that really connected to parts of my life I couldn't understand and never told anyone I had issues with. She knew things about me I've been secretly dealing with for as long as I can remember. This reading was a total confirmation for some of the dreams I tend to have and some fears I haven't talked about".                             


"Tawona helped me to quickly identify the root causes of those challenges and patterns of behavior that reinforced my fears. I anticipated that it would take months, maybe even years to see progress, but during our initial weeks of intense conversation, I was empowered to make meaningful and substantial changes in my life. What I found most remarkable was that Tawona coached me through our conversations by offering a delicate balance between understanding my need to identify and work through my challenges at my own pace, and encouraging me to tackle the thoughts, behaviors and experiences in my life that were holding me back. She is phenomenal, a true Godsend".

 Amanda  G.

"Thank goodness for the awakening of understanding ME with the Soul  & Life purpose teachings from Tawona. I now know I'm placed here in God's humongous Universe (with total expectation) to use every gift of healing I have- and yes, healing is for ME and what I am here to do"                                                       Jeni P.

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