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Remote Reiki Session

45 minute session - 30 minutes of reiki & 15 minutes consult and insight



Service Description

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on or remote energy technique to correct energetic imbalances in the body and mind that might be causing physical or emotional distress, pain, blocks, disorders and more. Reiki has been called life force energy because it is passed through the practitioner (healer) to the client in order to facilitate balance so the body-mind can have the greatest opportunity to heal itself. For the most improved energetic balancing it may require more than one session.

An energy clearing is achieved when the client receives the energy and a physical or emotional block has been cleared. Many have achieved complete healings although this is not the goal of energy healing. Reiki is intended to help the body and mind heal itself and its important to allow whatever amount of time is needed for this to happen.

During the session you may feel something or you might not. The important thing is observing how you feel afterwards and noticing any subtle changes occurring in your life that was previously an issue. Your own intuition may be of service to you as a way of helping yourself to achieve balance and harmony during the session – this is encouraged.

Practitioner Information

I blend ancient wisdom traditions and grounded treatments for the best overall healing experience. Holistic and spiritual certifications: certified level II reiki practitioner since 2012, certified grief intuitive, earth medicine school practitioner and theta healer. I am also a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of working with mental and emotional challenges.

Tawona Pearson, LISW, LCSW-C

Life Purpose Teacher | Energy Intuitive Practitioner

45 mins



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