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Q. What is Life Purpose Coaching?


A. Life Purpose Coaching is a unique way to make peace with your mind, purpose and fears as you find your truth that allows you to be your highest self. LPC works directly with your beliefs, perceptions and thoughts to give you the opportunity to experience immediate relief from the emotional barriers keeping you from seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing what your soul is asking of you. I walk by your side to help you reframe, refocus, and return to the present where your true power resides.


Life Purpose Coaching is a specialty type of coaching that is dedicated to your soul and work purpose. It is unique in that it teaches you a better perspective - a life purpose perspective that says all challenges are a way to help you open up to your destined purpose of becoming who you really are and then the ability to choose how you want to serve in this world will follow.


Every soul wants to make a contribution to the challenges in the world in its own special way but being under the trance of outdated fears and old stories about your ability to measure up to the dreams and missions that match your creativity and soul can make it feel impossible to obtain.


LPC is designed to help life purpose seekers with life purpose fears, life purpose stress and life purpose uncertainty. It's time to do the inner work! and I am here to coach you until you have built the confidence residing inside of you. This is a unique combination of healing approaches that aim to restore your strengths and power so you can become an empowered decision maker in order to make the choices that matter and live your soul purpose. 


LPC helps you find your power- bringing you in alignment with what really matters to you. When mind habits are put in check and you allow yourself to be in the present moment your next vision becomes visible and a possibility. Learn to be guided by higher wisdom and not by fears. Develop the parts of you that can carry you from beginning to success with your life purpose goals.


This coaching is also unique because it focuses on restoring your sense of knowing by identifying your triggers and reactions to what scares you and takes you away from your empowered self. LPC believes all challenges are rooted in the fear of being ourselves and the fear of being incapable of doing what seems impossible.


LPC takes into account how mind habits and reactions to fears can make a life purpose seeker remain on the fence and unable to make up their minds about one of the most important parts of their lives.


Healing approaches:

1. Mindfulness

2. Metaphysics

3. Refocusing, Reframing, Return to present

4. Resolving Emotional Dynamics, Relationship Needs, Past Life Trauma


Q. How Long Will This Take? I'm not sure if I have enough time or money for this


A. How ready are you to come out of impossibility mode and into possibility mode? I respect where ever you are on your journey to soul and career oneness. The needed time depends on how much of a trance you are under to your old stories and outdated beliefs and fears. If you are glued to what you believe you cannot do then it will take you more time to work out of the hole you are in that was created some time ago. If you just need some direction and validation for your path then you will need less time. No one can say how many sessions it will take to awaken your sense of knowing and to accept your power but this should not stop you. I offer a sliding scale fee that can assist if a need arises.  


Q. Can sessions be over email, phone or SKYPE?


A. Yes, Yes, and kinda.. Sessions are best over phone and email and this is the bases of how I work. I do our introduction session over skype but the actual work is done through email and phone. It's just better for me and ultimately you when we have a form of communication that brings out the best in us.


I've found that email (writing) is surprisingly effective for many because they get to think out their thoughts and say what they really feel. Email (writing) seems to slow down the mind and allow for a more authentic and often creative opening of ideas to flow. Writing has been used for many years as a therapy tool to help people process and release what it often stuck in the mind. But with email you get a response back! How cool is that?! If you've ever gotten a letter from a significant person and had an emotional reaction such as warmth, connection and happiness then you have felt the wonderful effects of what email can do. You probably read it over and over again to continue those feelings and email is like that as well.


Phone work can do the same but it has the added benefit of "in the moment" enegry and vibration from actually speaking and getting feedback and having that "in the moment" dialouge about what's happening in your life.


Q. Why is Life Purpose Coaching based on mindfulness and metaphysics?


A. The simple answer is because I've seen it work. Mindfulness has brought me out of my own emotional dynamics and fearful trances that nothing else has been able to do. I spent years in searching for purpose to find out through mindfulness that I was really searching for permission to be myself and to accept that I can handle what scares me most. Mindfulness does this because it teaches you how to reconnect to the present moment and to become fully aware of what is really happening without judgment and criticism. When we are aware we are awake and able to see what we could not allow ourselves to see before. When we know better we do better.


Metaphysics is a huge part of my life philosophy and the work I do must touch my spiritual beliefs. Otherwise I would not be in alignment with what speaks to me and what I am most called to do for others and for myself.


Metaphysics honors and explains the connection and relationship we have with all that exist. It is the way to understanding the mind-body-spirit-emotion-life-Universe connection that offers that we are all one with all that exist. We cannot be stressed and it not effect some part of our body and life. When we refuse to hold boundaries with family it has a ripple effect on our lives and our mind and body. Everyting effects everything even if we don't want to deal wth it.


Another major premise of metaphysics is the understanding that whatever is happening in our lives no matter how painful - It is not happening to us it is happening for us.


This is the foundation of the work I do with my clients to help them come out of victim consciousness and into a life of full responsibility for where their lives are headed. Taking full rsponsibility does not mean control. It means turning off any blame on yourself or others and seeing that every human is always trying to get their needs met.



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