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Just for Today

Zenful Present Moment tips

Each and every day for 21 days you can practice one of these soul satisfying peace-of-mind tips


Day One: Just for today be ok with being wrong - give your mind a break from chasing being right about anything today. Being perfect is a futile effort so being right doesn't have to be important today.


Day Two: Just for today be ok with making a mistake - give yourself a break from trying to prevent being perfect and at the same time increase your emotional tolerance for the things you did out of fear, anger or because you didn't know. Join the rest of us and be human - just for today.


Day Three: Just for today be ok with not searching - settle down into the comfort of contentment. Have no need for answers or a solution especially if you've been looking for a while.


Day Four: Just for today practice trust - take your foot off the gas pedal and give the control over to the Universe. Wake up and set your intention to trust that whatever needs to happen the Universe will handle it and you get to sit back and watch in mindful comfort - just for today.


Day Five - Just for today allow yourself to see all that you have and believe that it is enough - rest any sense of urgency you may have about not having enough. Be okay with what you do have and feel the abundance around you - just for today.


Day Six - Just for today be ok with others not liking you - let it be ok if someone has a unfavorable view of you today. Concerns about others opinions can destroy your energy and fill your mind with worry. Allow others to have their stuff while you relax in knowing you are loved by the Universe and angels.   


Day Seven - Just for today repeat "I can handle it no matter what" - Don't be caught by the "I don't feel like it - I can't handle this" mantra. Instead, feel the ease of the day as you fill your mind with what you can do and what you can handle. Peace is yours today.


Day Eight - Just for today think outside the box - go beyond tradition and conformity and see how far your vision can expand. Don't limit yourself in anyway today. Be creative and have fun coming up with possibilities that you've never dreamed of before.


Day Nine - Just for today be ok with being different - in what ways are you different from the people you know? Be ok with showing up as the real and different you today. Be happy for your differences and your commonalities. Share something others don't know about you and see your relationships deepen - just for today.


Day Ten - Just for today be ok with silence - finding peace has a lot to do with just being quiet. Quiet down the noise in your mind by practicing moments of silence even if i'ts only for a few seconds.


Day Eleven - Just for today be ok with being the slow poke - calm down any high energy reactions by purposely slowing down. Pay attention to the signs and look up at the sky on your way to work. Go a step further and plan not to rush tomorrow by getting up a little earlier and having more than enough time to make it to your destination.


Day Twelve - Just for today be ok with choosing what's best for you - turn your attention onto what you need most today. Be your own personal counselor and best friend - giving yourself plenty of reassurance for your day ahead.


Day Thirteen - Just for today have no regrets - do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said - your heart will be thankful.


Day Fourteen - Just for today practice true forgiveness for someone who has wronged you - cleanse your soul of any feelings of hatred, disappointment or resentment and allow yourself to see only compassion for this person - let loose the need to protect yourself with anger - just for today.


Day Fifteen - Just for today be ok with being grateful for the small things - practicing being grateful opens up healing neurotransmitters in our bodies. Give yourself a shot of feel good energy just by thinking of what you are grateful for today.


Day Sixteen - Just for today give away something you treasure - money, clothes, your heart etc. - giving is a priceless gift you can give to your soul. Practice it today and watch how your life unfolds.


Day Seventeen - Just for today smile at every person you see - brighten the day of another and you will reap the benefits of happiness.


Day Eighteen - Just for today be ok with others having an attitude - treasure your calmness and spread it to those who are having a tough time.


Day Nineteen - Just for today don't take it personal - be kind even if someone says the wrong thing to you. Remove your belief that is was about you and keep your integrity and joy.


Day Twenty - Just for today be ok with uncertainty - change your relationship with the unknown by detaching from the need to know what will happen. Tell your anxious mind that no matter what you have always made it through and today is no different - just for today.


Day Twenty-One - Just for today be in love with something or someone - love is a choice and you can choose to experience love by allowing yourself to see it.





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