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Liberate Your Truth! with the   
  Be Seen and Heard & Speak Your Truth
(even if others will reject youprocess

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A 60 min. assessment and preparation session 

9 week Individual inner-guided phone and video coaching process designed with YOU in mind

9 weeks of individualized guided and inner-guided support and coaching through the many layers and years of programming keeping you stuck in the shadows. You will Identify the areas of your life where your truth is being threatened and causing the most trauma and practice being your true self in a safe space with guidance and confirmation. You'll learn a mind-body-spirit approach to letting go of traumatic feelings with others seeing you as your true self, speaking authentically and living your truth that up-levels your beliefs and recharges your vibration. You'll learn how to choose liberating actions despite the anxiety and worry hindering your breakthrough. 

Becoming Liberated is an ongoing process of letting go of our need to feel safe and protected from what we fear the most that everyone is trying to manage. Change your energy and how you vibrate in the world by being yourself. 

Is not being in your truth slowly killing you? or making life extremely difficult to live? Sounds like you need to experience living an empowered authentic life of being seen and heard! 

When willing to be seen and heard and living in Your Truth you can:

Show up for interviews, your business life, gatherings and the like..even if scared 

Stop sabotaging your opportunities 

Live as your true self - Learn how to no longer hide, pretend or fake what you believe even if you're scared you'll be rejected

Let go of living a lie and feeling like an imposter in your own home, work and circle of people

Break away from a strong parental-pleasing culture

Reduce anxiety, panic and overwhelm with a calmer nervous system

Live in a higher vibration that brings more of the good life to you

Tell others how you really feel despite the threat of rejection

Tell your boss what you really want to do in your work

Leave when you want to leave without a good excuse others will approve of 

Choose what you really want without a lot of indecision and drama

Get really good at making decisions 

Feel proud of what you like and love 

Take increased risks that honor your needs 

Stop making excuses that beg for approval 

Decrease loads of worry circling around about what to do, what to say, who to be 

Reduce approval seeking and people pleasing behaviors

Walk with your head high from increased confidence and courage 

Feel freer from perfection (failure, mistakes), uncertainties and doubts stemming from imperfection fears 

Heal lifelong emotional trauma when honest about the true source of the pains

Begin taking ownership for everything with willingness and not resentments. 

Finally place boundaries with your toughest challengers and actually live with it 

Begin telling family and friends who you really are

Do what you say you're going to do

Learn how to say what needs to be said even if you're scared to lose people

Change your stress dynamics and emotional crisis 

Stop acting as if you don't know or acting as if you know more than you do

Show you how loneliness and aloneness already exist and doesn't need to be feared

Learn true connection without faking your beliefs to belong and be accepted 

Do the work you really want to do and not what you are supposed to do

Take the trauma out of confrontations 

Finally speak your peace and feel Liberated!


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