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The Purpose in Spirit, Life, Work


These specialty sessions are a journey into knowing you and learnng to accept what you haven't felt fully capable of accepting in the past. They are a wonderful way to focus on what you really want and get to resolution in the quickest way possible. Learn to see, hear, and feel the purpose of your challenge and how it all relates to becoming who you really are. You will unpack and unfold with each week of insights.The journeys come in 3-5-10 package sets




The past life readings of your soul's history is a wonderful way to get in touch with the root of your most enduring challenges. Learn to uncover and face what your life is really asking of you. This journey is 1 session or 3-5-10 package sets to work on releasing the many life times of suffering attached to your soul today.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Acceptance Journey
Clarity of Purpose Journey

On this journey you are ready to connect to your Higher Wisdom and hear the guidance of your Spiritual Community that has been along your side since birth and beyond trying to reassure you of who you really are. You are ready to let go of the rules and regulations within your current religious community in order to move into your true Spiritual Essence. You are willing to accept the spiritual nature that resonates with your soul and allows for a full expression of your creative abilities. You are ready to learn and be a Master over your spiritual life.



Your soul’s history with spirituality/religion

The art of letting go and detachment

The art of listening

Dealing with your family of origins religious conditions

Practicing Trust and Openness

Exploring your spiritual identity

Accepting guidance from the Universe and Unseen World

Becoming responsible for your spiritual life

Moving beyond the surface of hiding and truly connecting

Moving beyonnd the fears of being the spiritual misfit

Finding safety from rejection/ridicule

True Acceptance - Showing the world what resonates with your soul

Making your life your spiritual practice

Finding your spiritual family and community

Finding acceptance for all spiritual paths – all differences


Soul Packages:

3 – 1hr sessions – $330.00

5 – 1hr sessions - $550.00

10 – 1hr sessions - $999.00 best value!


Online Group - only $50.00 per group - 10/ 1hr groups total - biweekly on Sundays at 2pm eastern time - email for dates


Sorry I'm Not Available at this time

The Individuals Journey

Individualized unique single focused sessions that allow for an expansive look at your life that helps you connect it all and resolve the misunderstood challenges that have prevented you from feeling and believing in your power. You will learn about your unique purpose and mission in this life that will propel you past all of her anxieties and moodiness. You can have a specific challenge or just explore and understand your life. No matter what your needs are you will learn you can meet your life challenges with the creative healing of insight and awareness. You learn to use your ability to listen, the spiritual prescriptions already available to you and to be honest as your main methods to help you remember who you have come to be. Come with your challenge ready to release the old and enter the new.


Soul Packages:

3 – 1hr sessions – $330.00

5 – 1hr sessions - $550.00

10 – 1hr sessions - $999.00 best value!


Sorry I'm Not Available at this time

Your Souls History into Past Lives 

Have you been confused, uncertain and depressed with not knowing your purpose and mission for several years? Do you suffer immensely with every job and find that you can't find a place or a type of work that fits who you are? This session is about the mission of decision by remembering and accepting your unique purpose and mission. This is especially for the lifelong seeker who has gotten tired of looking for that right fit. You may have felt like you could be a thousand people at once. Never truly laying down roots anywhere.  Unable to commit to a job for very long or not at all. Intuitive guidance is used to help you accept what you have come to do and who you have chosen to be in this lifetime. A special emphasis is placed on the brilliance of the career chameleon, open vessel, or shape shifter role. Removing the layers of misaligned beliefs and underlying fears will open you up to uncover who you have come to be and your unique contribution to the world.  



What is your unique journey with work purpose and inner purpose?

Life Path review – what’s your number? Who are you destined to be?

Become aware of your unique journey with searching for “What am I supposed to be doing?”

Become open to any fears with choosing

Learn what kind of relationship you are having with work due to hidden fears

Uncover unresolved past life trauma’s that keep you in the searching zone

Open to your relationship with commitment – discipline – follow through

Dealing with a Time Sickness – frantic over not having time to be content, urgency issues  

Learn how feelings of not being good enough can impair your vision

Uncover a deeper problem with abandonment/aloneness fears

What are you hiding from? Rejection, embarrassment, being different and alone, showing who you really are, fears of responsibility, etc.

Intuitive insight on what your heart desires

Emotional Maturity – what wants to mature in your life in order for you to accept your callings?

Are you suffering from a sense of entitlement? You want more than your experience and skills can offer others

Expectations – releasing your relationship with others expectations of your needs and desires

Career Chameleon – how you shapeshift into many different identities and create confusion about what you should do – see the gift and the misunderstanding of the gift of being able to move into others energy

Are you on the Healers/Teachers path but lost on what to choose as your niche? The lost feeling can be about your assumptions of your own weakness to handle being responsible for healing others

Emotional Jumping – One day you’re ok with what you want and then you hear, see something that leads you astray

Move beyond the “Perfection - Never good enough” parts of you and learn why you want so many different careers because of it

Get out of career crisis mode and into the calm of good enough mode  

The inevitable self-doubt cycle

Tools – using your gift of an undefined identity to call upon your allies, choosing a different door, hitting the border, seeing inside the box, refocusing and much more


Soul Packages:

3 – 1hr sessions – $330.00

5 – 1hr sessions - $550.00

10 – 1hr sessions - $999.00 best value!


Sorry I'm Under Construction at this time


Your Souls History

What is a past life and why is it important to know about it?

Many people believe in the concept of an afterlife but not all know or understand that our souls have a history. A past life is simply a way of expressing our soul’s history in other life times. One of the main reasons past life work has become important to our lives is because so many are searching for the answers to the mysterious behaviors, fears, diseases and patterns that seem to dominate several or all parts of our lives.


One of the main comments I hear after I do a reading is “No one knows this about me”. I realized with my own reading and the readings of others that we hold our deepest concerns and fears secret and secrets keep us bound to the fears. Whatever the experience we encounter that creates a fear in us, it must be processed or dealt with otherwise we carry this part of us around in our souls. When we transition to an afterlife or other dimensions before we have had a chance to let go of the traumatic experience we are guaranteed to have the opportunity to come back and relive this experience so it can be released once and for all.

If you’re here on this earth it means you elected to heal whatever may lay dormant inside your soul wanting to be released. In order to get to this part of our healing, an experience – many times a harsh experience - needs to happen to allow us the opportunity to open up what wants to be healed.  


How do I heal this past life experience after I know what it is? There is no magic to our healing. We are all responsible for our emotional life and we are more than capable of “letting go” of what no longer serves us. I do not honor passive healing that allows someone to give over their authority and power to another while they become a non-participant in their life direction and healing.

Therefore, we learn – just like any other area of our lives – we learn how to let go and recreate beliefs in alignment with our soul’s purposes. We become participants in our healing and responsible for our souls when we do the emotional work necessary for our lives. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t practice certain methods, modalities or strategies but it does mean we have to make better choices that lead up the path towards becoming who we really are and living up to our soul’s potential.


What can I expect from a reading?

For those that I counsel online or over the phone - you are only responsible for letting me know your name and date of birth and a quick face to face 10-15 minute conversation about who you are and if possible a photo so I can keep your spirit in my memory.


I mostly do the work alone, therefore we look at a time to resume for your reading. My readings are pretty detailed but I try to focus on the main point of the challenge I am witnessing.


If we are in person I give you a task to focus on or a meditation to listen to while I escape into the depths of your soul.


Many times I pick up on your deepest troubles and they can come through as metaphors in a movie from a time long ago. Many times I will capture several lifetimes that all point to the same trauma or experience you have had difficulty letting go of.  Whatever appears is what is needed at this time.


How do I heal? Words heal – Empathy heals- Different Expectations heal – A Different Understanding heals- A New Perspective heals- Letting Go heals- Validation heals. We must never forget the power of what is in front of us that can heal and relieve us from our suffering. Simply making a different choice that is unattached to inappropriate desires can change our world.


My role in your recovery depends on what you need and what I have to offer from my experience in mental health and spiritual healing. A few things I normally will offer to all is mindful and spiritual practices that will allow you to participate in your soul’s recovery and help you learn to release these past life experiences once and for all.

For those of us suffering with the same experiences for many lifetimes, it requires dedication and commitment to your soul’s recovery but this should not scare you into thinking you have to get it all right or that your experiences are so horrific that you can’t work through detaching from them. What we attach to the hardest is only an indication that your mind has taken over the controls and that it has become nightmarish to be who you really are.


For the rest of our lives we all will be working on something in our lives therefore, there is no rush to a perfect life because it doesn’t exist. Accept that one of the reasons we are here is to accept the unfolding of who we really are even if it takes several hundred lifetimes to do so.

I am honored to teach you, guide you and counsel you on becoming who you really are.


Individual reading: - 45 mins. - $150.00


Soul Packages:

3 – 1hr sessions – $330.00

5 – 1hr sessions - $550.00

10 – 1hr sessions - $999.00 best value!


Sorry I'm Not Available at this time 



Much Love and Much Patience on Your Journey,


Becoming & Accepting You Journey

This is the Revolution of becoming you. No longer living by the conditioned parts of yourself but instead opening up to what resonates with your soul as your truth. Learn to show up and be seen and heard and to stop the patterned behaviors that keep you stuck behind a mask. Your desires for authenticity is met with these sessions. Get closer and accept that everybody will be doing this for the rest of their lives. Walk into the door labeled acceptance and watch how your life changes for the better.


What is your unique journey with who you are?

What are your soul & life purpose fears

What wants to mature in your life so you can open to more of who you are?

Learn what strategies you use to stay safe and protected

Learn what's holding you back from accepting you

Learn about emotional boundaries in your relationships

Learn how to confront others especially family

Learn to become aware of your mind struggles

Learn how to turn compassion from the outside in

Learn how to love being the Different human

Learn about your personality and purpose

Accept your responsibility to care for your soul

Release past life fears

Accept your unique gifts and all of your sensory abilities


Soul Packages:

3 – 1hr sessions – $330.00

5 – 1hr sessions - $550.00

10 – 1hr sessions - $999.00 best value!


Sorry I'm Not Available at this time



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